New Moon Enterprises

Our goal is to establish the marketing gateway for International /Israeli and domestic companies that would like to market their products in the upper Mid-West with emphasis on Western Michigan Greater Grand Rapids area.

New Moon Enterprises' is a results-driven marketing professional team, with deep experience in demand generation, campaign creation, and product launches. A true commercial partner to the business who would like to grow.

New Moon Enterprises' team has a strong foundation in Western Michigan Greater Grand Rapids area with long lasting relationships and can tap into a supportive network of outreach opportunities.


New Moon Enterprises' focuses on:

  1. Hi-tech preventative healthcare solutions (Electromagnetic radiation)
  2. Advanced simulation training systems (war-gaming, Strategic/tactical, Mission and debriefing)
  3. Unique pharmaceutical/ personal care products
  4. Green Energy


Our Staff

Paul Berkmeier, Chief Technology Officer
[email protected]

Rebecca Wettlaufer, Business Development Manager
[email protected]


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